OUTDURO Spooky Open Adventure Motorcycle Ride

At OUTDURO we love to add a feeling or emotion ir our adventure rides. Sometimes it’s the sand trails and steep hills, sometimes it’s a river ford crossing and sometimes it’s the fear of heights… but this time.. it was just the fear!

The fear from darkness and what lurks in it! We organized another adventure moto ride event but this time we had a plan to let our participants ride solo in total darkness.

As you know Halloween is upon us and the gates to the underworld are open! 😱 Thanks to our OUTDRO Tribe member @Ainars Mazjanis for leading the pack into the adventures and bringing everyone back!

This time we stayed at a cozy guest house called “Ružas” which was the perfect place to spend the evening after a cold ride… enjoy the sauna and comfort.

We’ll organize our last ride this year and then we go into a hibernating mode to plan next years events… which I have to say are going to be BIG.

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